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Legendary Dracula brings together the most exquisite wines from the best vineyards in Romania, each of them carefully selected and produced according to international standards.

Why become our partner?
For lots of reasons. We’ll just name a few:
Origin. Just like Bordeaux, we have the best climate for wine

The connoisseurs describe the 45th parallel as the Magnificent Mile in terms of quality and cachet. The best wines in the world come from famous vineyards placed precisely on this parallel situated half way between the Equator and the North Pole: Bordeaux and Cotes du Rhone regions in France, Piedmont in Italy, Leelanau Peninsula in Michigan, US and Dealu Mare in Romania.

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Authenticity. We offer only original products, crafted in the heart of Romania

The Legendary Dracula collection consists only of acclaimed premium wines and traditionally crafted spirits from Transylvanian producers well-known worldwide. Every single product in our portfolio bears the local mark and mirrors the soul of the community that passionately refines it according to original, unique recipes.

Brand value. State of the art package design for noble wines and strong spirits

To us, package design is the artistic expression of a brand striving to convey to the world the image of the noble and charismatic Dracula, as opposed to the kitsch representations of The Count that have already flooded the market.

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Variety. We have a wide range of wines for various tastes

When it comes to choosing a good wine, opinions and liking may vary quite a lot. Nevertheless, there is a wines category that transcends any subjectivity and can charm all the senses – these are the noble wines which taste so differently from everything you might have experienced before, that can immediately be labelled as outstanding both by professionals and occasional wine drinkers.

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Universal awareness. The legend of Dracula is one of the most famous in the world

Only few long-established brands worldwide benefit from the same awareness as the myth of Dracula. His name has and will always stir curiosity, thrill, passion. His power will continue to fascinate generations.

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About us
Our goal is to turn real values into legendary products.

After travelling the world and experiencing various cultures and local tastes, we decided that the world too deserves to experience our own genuine Romanian products. And there are so many of them, crafted according to traditional recipes, 100% natural. To be able to select the very best of them, we gathered a team on connoisseurs familiar with all the details of the production and willing to adapt them to the contemporary, urban market.

That’s how the Legendary Dracula brand was born. What more powerful symbol can convey the history and values of these realms better than the Immortal Count!? This mysterious and universally famous character is the best advocate of the virtues of the products rallied under his banner: daring, strong, noble, precious, inspiring, eternal.

Sharing our enthusiasm and high standards, some of the best vineyards and spirits producers in the country were thrilled to join us and bottle special editions exclusively for our brand. With their support and based on our growing network of partners, we managed to become a reliable supplier with competitive advantages in no time and to win important awards in international contests. These fantastic results encouraged us to invest further in this business and now we aim at becoming a leading provider of genuine Romanian goods all over the world.

Join us, and let’s share our Legendary heritage with the world!

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